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Online MBA Programs In California US | USC Marshall School of Business

How to choose the best online MBA programs for bright career? Almost all the business schools are shifting to online education due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. If you are planning to pursue MBA, this can be the right time to achieve the career growth in the field of academics and corporate world. You need to choose the best online MBA programs to shape your career. Most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work from home these days. Choosing an online MBA program can add feather to your resume and help you get a salary raise with a higher package. Isn’t that great? Just by spending a few hours a week, you can get the MBA degree to make your career prosper.  According to a recent research, online MBA program helps a professional increase the salary by 75%. This is the right time to accelerate your career by choosing the best online MBA programs. It can be a good idea to combine your MBA degree with internships to add value to your resume before you enter in
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USC Marshall's Director Miriam Burgos - Online MBA Interview

As we recently explored, culture plays a vital role in creating a 2019 top-ranked online MBA program and for developing key leadership skills modern businesses need. An MBA program’s culture helps to nurture the softer skills that are harder to teach directly. More importantly, these skills are increasingly in demand because expectations on business leaders are higher than ever, and the problems they face are complex. While our previous article focused on culture in MBAs, Miriam Burgos, Professor and Academic Director for the USC Online MBA , shared insight into the many other elements that go into creating a business education program that prepares students for the challenges they’ll face in a deeply connected and ever-evolving world. Read our full interview below for a look into the decisions and philosophy that has helped make our OMBA an online MBA programs ranking best in the United States. Q: What decisions and philosophy drove the design of the program? A: Long bef

Employee Perks That Attract The Best Talent

Though health insurance remains one of the benefits employees value most, companies are getting creative to attract top talent. Research shows that employees appreciate perks such as flex time, on-site childcare, well-stocked pantries, nap rooms, free subscriptions, and classes. Research also indicates that a growing number of executives are open to offering soft benefits. Today’s employers are receptive to providing perks for a variety of reasons. Creative extras can be a comparatively low-cost alternative to traditional benefits, helping companies retain workers even if they are unable to provide or have had to scale back standard benefit packages. Some organizations offer non-monetary benefits to compensate for a lack of available resources to provide generous salaries and/or strong salary increases. Even employers that can provide ample benefit packages may offer perks to meet the changing expectations of new generations of workers. For all employers, providing soft b